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Thank you for visiting Wheeling Water Works. We are a GE Platinum water treatment dealer located in Houston Texas specializing in residential and light commercial water treatment.

We understand that your seemingly infinite array of choices- for both the right water treatment equipment and then the right company to install and service that equipment - can be very confusing.Our goal is to help you make a good choice- the right choice for you and your family. 

Whole House Water Softening & Water Conditioning Systems

Use our water conditioning and softening systems to provide the best water for your appliances and plumbing. Our systems offer the ideal water for washing, bathing, laundry and all other household needs; they attach to your main water supply to remove the "scaling" elements, such as calcium and magnesium salts, as well as iron and manganese. They also provide quality of life benefits that cannot be achieved any other way, so contact us today for a written bid of installation costs.

Water heater

Benefits of Our Water Conditioning Systems Include:

  • Protection for Appliances, Water Heaters and Fixtures throughout Plumbing System
    • Major Cause of Your Appliance Wear and Tear
  • Saves You Money in Energy Costs
  • Reduces Amount of Cleaning Products You Use
    • Laundry, Bath Soap & Dish Detergent, etc.
  • Makes Skin, Hair, & Clothes Softer

Hire our company to install one of our water conditioning systems in your home.  

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